Ephemeral – A Software Engineering Focused WMS

ZVS is pleased to announce the open sourcing of the ephemeral WMS. Ephemeral is a job-task workflow management system designed to manage systems at the data level.

Ephemeral is unique in the WMS data space in that it focuses primarily on software engineering. While it does provide automatic asynchronous execution on both task and data lists, the primary goal of ephemeral is to enforce strong functional system design patterns through strict package structuring requirements. Business logic is clearly and cleanly separated from workflow logic and task routing, and jobs are specified as JSON maps.

Ephemeral is a good tool for refactoring existing projects or using to build bigger or more complex systems that use other libraries, distributed tools, or other constructs. We hope you enjoy it.

We are looking for help to complete addition of a job builder and command line interface (CLI) construct that can, like the Angular CLI, quickly spin up and sketch out systems. If you’re interested in helping with this, please let us know or submit a github pull request.

Without further ado, here is the project: https://www.github.com/zeus-volkov-systems/ephemeral

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