Hub – Constellated kappa-style WMS

Zeus Volkov Systems is excited to announce that we’ve open sourced the clojure engine of a constellated kappa-style WMS we are currently prototyping called ‘hub’.

Hub provides a distributed constellation of extremely small and fast poly-tech processing units that spin up quickly on an orchestrator, perform directed asynchronous processing, compose their own immutable log of actions, and die with a final emission of their log to a distributed messaging system to be consumed by a queue like Kafka as an order-able log of logs that can do something else with that information (return to sender or emit new instructions for further processing).

Hub is a kubernetes-native, distributed-native technology. It is in the exciting active development stage of invention and is not ready for production release. We are releasing it now that the first core and principal design is complete to look for contributors. If this sounds interesting, please contact us through

Hub on github

If helping to develop hub, please report and track issues through github. We are trying to use hub as an opportunity to identify collaborative opportunities; all contributions are welcome.

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