About ZVS

We are a group of enthusiastic experts dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in everything we build and do. We are excited to provide services and products that make people's lives easier, richer, and more rewarding.


Ryan Berkheimer


Co-Founder, Chief of Software

Ryan has over 15 years of proven leadership and innovation experience in the private and government sectors, and has architected and built enterprise scale systems for Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Commonwealth of Virginia, NOAA, NASA, and Google. Ryan is a former state regulator for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Ryan has presented and published work at numerous conferences. He has a passion for open source software, and enjoys building and advising businesses in the creation of novel, scalable, and sustainable systems. He's especially excited about new frontiers in remote sensing IoT, AI, and cloud native technologies.

Ryan holds a BSc. in Physics from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and a masters-equivalent certification in  Federal Regulatory Applications.

Max Banas


Co-founder, Chief of Hardware

Max has over 15 years of experience leading teams and innovating in government and private domains on topics of business and team development, remote sensing systems, embedded hardware, optical sensors, and full stack production.

Max has extensive systems engineering and consulting experience for environmental data businesses and government agencies.

Max holds a BSc. with Honors in Geology from Kent State University and has studied advanced masters coursework at Ohio University.

Nadia Berkheimer


Director of Design

Nadia is a seasoned graphic designer who believes highly in creating holistic and identifiable visual concepts through the use of computer software and technologies.

Nadia enjoys building brand identities and marketing presence, and loves developing unique styles based on the innate character of the businesses she works with.

Nadia holds a BFA in Graphic Design from East Tennessee State University, and has over 12 years of experience working with different clients.