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Hub – Constellated kappa-style WMS

Zeus Volkov Systems is excited to announce that we’ve open sourced the clojure engine of a constellated kappa-style WMS we are currently prototyping called ‘hub’. Hub provides a distributed constellation of extremely small and fast poly-tech processing units that spin up quickly on an orchestrator, perform directed asynchronous processing, compose their own immutable log of…

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Ephemeral – A Software Engineering Focused WMS

ZVS is pleased to announce the open sourcing of the ephemeral WMS. Ephemeral is a job-task workflow management system designed to manage systems at the data level. Ephemeral is unique in the WMS data space in that it focuses primarily on software engineering. While it does provide automatic asynchronous execution on both task and data…

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Decstreams – Decorator Streams for Asynchronous, Multicast, and Functionally Decoupled Event Driven Architectures on the Front End

ZVS is open sourcing our client-popular library decstreams. We have been using decstreams in ours and clients JS based systems, including react, angular, and vue based apps, to bring decorator multicast streaming patterns to front end development, similar to backend patterns like kafka or sanicio, while simultaneously simplifying architectures using the experimental Javascript decorator patterns.…

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