Systems Engineering

As businesses evolve in size and scope, incongruities naturally begin to emerge at organizational interfaces between products, divisions, interests, and individuals.

These incongruities occur because of the fast changing nature of technology dealing businesses - customer requirements, leadership directives, infrastructure support, team implementation, and product scope.

If left unaddressed, these incongruities will become large drags on organizational momentum, negatively impacting product quality, team efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

ZVS can provide holistic or targeted assessments of the current health of your business, prescribe a tailored plan for remedy, and help guide implementation using industry best tools and methods such as CMMI, Agile, and Lean.

IT Infrastructure

Any modern business that deals in digital information has its success or failure profoundly linked to the technologies it employs to build, manage, serve, and maintain its products.

Proper selection and implementation of technology infrastructure is one of the most telling predictors for whether a business will be profitable and successful in the long term. Poor infrastructure will often result in a cycle of organizational dissonance, loss of morale, and unsatisfactory product delivery.

ZVS can provide guidance to avoid or rectify this circumstance by making qualitative and quantitative assessments of your existing or proposed toolchains, workflows, deployment strategies, and IT management practices. Based on assessment, we can then make recommendations, create implementation plans, and foster support in establishing a healthy, holistic, and sustainable infrastructure in your organization.

Project Management

Establishing and following good standards and practices in software project design, development, and deployment is often challenging, misunderstood, and misapplied at businesses and organizations, to the detriment of maximizing efficiency, quality, satisfaction, and long term health.

The reason for these difficulties are unique - for new businesses attempting to establish process guidelines, there is often an inability to reach a consensus on an authoritative organizational standard. For established businesses or businesses in transition, there is often a cultural inertia that conflicts with establishing good and uniform project management standards. Despite the difference in reason, the outcome is the same - a lack of coherence in project management, leading to an undesirable organizational state.

ZVS can assess your existing methods or desired project management methodology and then provide a comprehensive plan tailored for your company that will ensure efficient implementation of a standardized and successful project management framework.


Software Engineering

If data is the most important asset of a company, the software that creates and maintains that companies data is arguably its most important investment. Because of this, the sustainability and security of software is roughly equivalent to the sustainability and security of the business it belongs to.

Every company should endeavor to continuously protect, improve, and grow its software investment. This means creating new software using the best practices available as they emerge, while iteratively reviewing and improving legacy software to meet the ever changing standards of the global technological ecosystem.

To this end, ZVS can provide its decades of experience in the design, creation, maintenance, migration, and replacement of software systems; providing assessments, plans, designs, and code for small, large, and enterprise scale projects in things such as platform development, legacy migration, system re-architecture, data modeling, distributed computing, cloud computing, storage patterns, and more.