ZVS Constellation is a fully configurable and scalable cloud-native data processing platform designed to efficiently handle batch and stream processing of arbitrarily elaborate computations against complex data models.

Constellation can integrate with existing systems written in a variety of languages (like Java, Python, C, Fortran, Clojure, etc.), quickly map to your businesses existing data models, and immediately provide the benefits and conveniences of cloud-native applications to your systems - like high availability, fault tolerance, dashboard management, portability, and REST APIs. Constellation performs similarly to Spark or Storm, but without the restrictions imposed by their limited language support, lack of out of the box configurability, and rigid data modeling.

Constellation can also be used as a basis for new system design, helping systems establish best development practices for long term sustainable growth.


ZVS Harmony is an out of the box solution for graphically defining data models and building data storage that can scale indefinitely.

Harmony provides a Single Page Web Application (SPWA) interface that allows non-technical users to define domains with models of any complexity using drag and drop functionality, add records to the created models, and then run statistical analytics against these records. Harmony allows easy model linking, versioning, and state tracking through its interface. It supports many types of analytics out of the box, including geospatial analyses, correlations, filters, and more.

Harmony uses a distributed storage model that provides high availability, efficient scaling, and seamless multi-user support. Data modeled in Harmony is never locked in - the built in API allows transfer of models built in Harmony to be exported or consumed by your companies other services.