The Internet of Things has already begun to change the face of how we live, and this pace of change will only quicken as computers become smaller, sensors get better, and software becomes more oriented toward the support of these tiny devices.

If you have an idea for a IoT based system and you need help with hardware design, development, or production, ZVS can help. We have established development practices and production pipelines and a history of success. We specialize in the design of small hardware devices and custom circuits, including the use of various remote sensing technologies.

We will work with you to help turn your amazing ideas into fully realized hardware products.


Our team has a passion for creating all sorts of software, including one-off projects, science focused analysis systems, graphical interfaces, and massive, enterprise-scale, distributed platforms.

If you have an idea for a software product, need help implementing an algorithm or migrating an existing system, or have run into scalability, maintainability, and performance issues, we would love to hear from you.

We work in a variety of languages, technologies, and frameworks, and will work with your business toward put together a solution your business can use for the long term.