Consumer Devices

ZVS products combine cutting edge technologies and beautiful design principles to deliver useful, exciting, and fun products for people and organizations.

The ZVS consumer product line focuses on fully realized devices that blend IoT remote sensing technologies, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Graphical User Interface applications, and cloud-native data sharing and storage.

ZVS products are available for individual or bulk purchase.

Data Systems

ZVS offers a customizable suite of data processing tools designed for easy spin up and management of highly complex big data systems.

Many of the ZVS data tools were designed to handle the immense demands of environmental data systems, which require extreme performance, broad scalability, highly configurable data modeling support, and cross team interoperability. These characteristics make ZVS software greatly applicable to a wide variety of domains.

Businesses dealing with data of any size in any domain can license any or all parts of the ZVS data platform.

Open Source Software

ZVS believes that regular engagement with the open source software community is vital to continuous advancement in the shared global understanding of technological systems.

To this end, the ZVS team regularly contributes on various existing open source projects.

ZVS also releases significant or novel research and software on permissive licenses when possible.